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May 20, 2022

Hey runners! We know that after 2 years of absence of stationary events, many questions could have arised, so check this article carefully, where we’ve gathered all the information for you.

Are you running online? The second part of the material is for you – keep scrolling.


When will Bieg Firmowy 2022 take place?

The 10th edition of Bieg Firmowy will be held on Saturday, May 28, for both stationary and online participants.

Where will the run take place?

This year we meet at the AWF and the Olympic Stadium complex in Wrocław. Participants with online packs can run anywhere in the world.

Where can I find regulations of the event?

Regulations are an important thing and are availablehere.

Is it possible to change the formula of the run?

No, for production reasons it’s no longer possible to change the formula.

When will we receive starter packs for runners?

The packs will be delivered via courier up to one week before the run. All packs will be shipped by May 20, so in a minute! Be sure to post a photo on your Instagram story and tag our profile @biegfirmowy.

Does the order of participants in the system matter?

The order of participants in the team is the order in which they will start at the stationary event. This doesn’t apply to the online formula, where the competitors decide when, where and in which order they run. Changing the order of participants is possible until May 26.

How to change a participant in the system?

ATTENTION: in case of a change of a participant in the online formula, please report it to

Below is the instruction to change a participant so that he receives a message from us confirming registration for the run.

1. Enter the edition of the team the participant is in.

2. Uncheck the square box next to a given participant – her/his data will disappear.

3. 3. Save the team with an empty participant.

4. Complete the data again.

5. Save the team.

The change of the participant doesn’t entail the change of the T-shirt for the participant.


Where and when do we run?

The stationary Bieg Firmowy will take place on May 28 at the AWF and the Olympic Stadium complex in Wrocław.

What does the event map look like?

Download file here

What does the route of the run look like?

Download file here

Is the race schedule already known?

Download file here

What are the rules of the stationary run?

Download file here

Will it be possible to change the participant/update the team on site?

Yes, please report any changes to the Biuro Zawodów before 9:00.

How to get there?

There are public transport stops next to the complex. You can get there by trams: 9, 17, 33 or buses: 115 and 345, getting off at the “Stadion Olimpijski” stop.

Do we need an application for a stationary run?

No, you only install the application when running online. Participants of Bieg Firmowy run with a relay baton.

Can the distance be covered only by running?

When choosing the stationary formula, yes.

Will there be Bieg Krasnala this year?

Yes, the run for the youngest participants is back!

You can buy tickets here >CLICK until 27 May.

Will there be a food court at the event site?

Yes, there will be a dedicated food court with food trucks at the event site.

Do you want to provide your runners with catering and beer? You can find vouchers in our store > CLICK

Offer is available until May 27.

We have a team of 4. Can 1 person cover the distance 2 times?

A participant can run 10 kilometers at once, but we need to have his data entered in the system twice + next to each other, e.g. as a first and second or second and third runner, etc. There will be no need to attach a second bib number.

He can also run among other people, but then you will need to attach a second bib number. Of course, you still have to enter the data twice into the system, but for example as the first and third person.

Will Bieg Firmowy take place in the event of a downpour?

If the weather conditions don’t endanger the safety of the participants, the event will of course take place. However, we ordered sunshine, don’t worry.

Will there be parking available?

Yes, but we encourage you to use ecological solutions, such as a bicycle or a scooter. There will also be a bicycle parking available at the event site, so we recommend taking the fasteners and taking your two wheels to our care!

Entry to the parking lot from ul. Adam Mickiewicz will be available from 8:00 am. Parking in the surrounding green areas may result in the intervention of the municipal guard.

Can we come by coach?

There is a car park at the event site. Please report to the following address: We will show you the best places to park your vehicle.

Can fans come with dogs?

Bieg Firmowy is an event during which several thousand people, including children, will gather at the Olympic Stadium. If your dogs are doing well in such conditions and it won’t be a stressful experience for them, we invite you – there will be water for them.

Please keep the dogs on leashes.

Will there be showers and changing rooms?

There will be changing rooms at your disposal in the running town. Showers will not be made available

Will medals be sent in the packs?

Hola, hola – medals only after the race. Participants in the stationary will receive bib numbers in the packs, and the medals will be handed over to them during the medal ceremony.

What happens if someone doesn’t show up at the start?

In order for a team to be included in the team classification, one of the team members should cover the distance of 5 km 2 times (if the team consists of 4 people).

What if the team doesn’t make it within 3 hours?

Please don’t worry about this. We’re sure you’ll handle it. If you really don’t manage to complete the route within 3 hours, report it to the race office.

Will water be available?

Water for the participants is provided by our partner, MPWiK. Irrigation points will be located near the start/finish and in front of the second km of the route. However, remember to take water bottles with you!

Will there be a deposit for things?

Yes, at the Athletics Stadium.

Does the whole team have to be at the start at 10:00 a.m.?

We encourage you to be at the event site at 9:00 a.m. to get to know this year’s Everest Foundation members and the rules of the run, and take part in a warm-up. At 10:00 a.m., the first runner from the team leaves the transition zone. After the start of the first inning, only the second runners will be admitted to the transition zone, etc.

Is the time spent in the transition zone counted against the runner/team score?

The time is counted with the net time, i.e. from the moment the runner with the baton crosses the START-FINISH gate.

Will the running town be available to fans who don’t take part in the race?

Yes, we encourage you to cheer together and spend time in the zones.

Can we run with headphones?

Yes, but for your own safety, please listen to music very quietly.

Does the person receiving the baton have to identify himself?

The baton will be issued on the basis of the starting number at the relay batons collection point.

Where can I pick up beer/food vouchers? Who should get these vouchers?

Company coordinators who have purchased vouchers will receive detailed instructions by email.

Can we enter the transition zone only in Bieg Firmowy T-shirt?

Yes, only those who have the technical T-shirt of Bieg Firmowy will be admitted to the transition zone.


How to log in to the Activy application?

You can find video and pdf login instructions here>

When will we receive application access codes?

Each online participant will receive an e-mail with an access code and instructions by 18-26.05. In addition, the code list will also be sent to the coordinator.

Does the whole team have one code?

Yes, five participants log into the application with one code.

Can the distance be covered only by running?

It’s the goal that counts, not the way in which we cover the distance. When choosing an online event, it can also be a walk with your loved ones or a dog. Be sure to show off by tagging us on Instagram 😉

Does the whole team have to run at the same time?

It’s not necessary. Each online participant can cover the distance from 00:01 to 23:59 on May 28 – alone or in company. We encourage you to get creative!

We have a team of 4. Can 1 person cover the distance 2 times?

Yes, but in this case he has to set up two independent accounts in the Acitvy application.

Can I register my child for Bieg Krasnala if I run online?

Yes, but please remember that Bieg Krasnala takes place only in Wrocław at the Olympic Stadium > tickets

Can we run with the app in another country?

Yes, the most important thing is to have access to GPS and the Internet and stay within the time in force in Poland.

Can we take breaks while running?

Yes, it is allowed to pause a maximum of 5 times.

Can the application be tested in advance?

Yes, we encourage you to download the application a few days before the run and take the tests. It’s a good idea to synchronize the application with the device you want to use right away.

Can we go with Nordic walking poles?

Yes, the distance can be covered any way you like.

Can the participant run more than 5 km?

Yes, the application will select the fastest 5 km distance from the entire route.

Are there medals for online players?

Yes, medals are included in the starter packs.

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