8 most important elements of a good start!

May 22, 2021

This year’s edition of Bieg Firmowy starts on May 22nd. A distance of 5 km waits to be beaten, which is a real challenge for some, and for the other- a check of a current physical form. There is not much time left! Will it be your first start in the “career”? You don’t know how to go about it? We have some tips for you.

In the times of the pandemics we will lack the emotions related to standing together on the starting line, but we won’t miss those related to team work, company rivalisation. Last days before the upcoming race, even if held in a little different formula than usual, still are full of arising tension. At last, everyone wants to do their best, and we completely understand that. But what should one remember about to achieve their goal? 🙂 But what should one remember about to achieve their goal?


First of all, stop “catching up” with your physical form. Everyday workouts and a rising distance or faster tempo will not bring a desired outcome. If you are just beginning the activity, maintain a march-run. Running is some kind of a lesson of patience. The form cannot be made in a few weeks, one could only hurt himself. The body has to get used to the effort gradually Too much, too fast is one of the most common mistakes of the beginner runners, and yet the goal is to stand healthy on the finish line. Do not compare yourself to others, even if there are people who started along with you.


Some people get in shape faster and some need some time more to be ready to beat longer distances What matters in the case is for example our sports past (or the lack of it) or predispositions. Focus on yourself, set a goal just for yourself and try to reach it, but gradually, take care of your health. If you did not have a chance to, get familiar with the Activy mobile app.


It will allow you to reduce unnecessary stress because of something not working properly on the day of the run. Set yourself a route that you will follow, no matter if it will be loops or beating a distance from point “a” to point “b”.


. During the run you will know how much is left to beat without the need to check your phone. Remember about proper running shoes and sports outfit.


They will allow you to beat the kilometers comfortably. Running shoes are a basic equipment for each runner. It has to be adjusted to individual needs.
s. There is no perfect model for everyone We differ in terms of body shape and preferences, so even a model that suits someone perfectly does not have to be the best choice for someone else. We recommend visiting Sklep Biegacza (Shop for Runners) or taking advantage of their video online-support. (https://video-doradca.sklepbiegacza.pl/) .

Running shoes differ from those used on an everyday basis, also in terms of sizes. The feet during the activity may swell up, so the site should always be bigger. Optimal backup is 0,5cm but it is important to remember that sizes differ between brands and models. The most important thing is, forget about the sizes you wear on an everyday basis. In the case of running shoes the foot length in cm is the most important factor.

Properly chosen sports outfit is just as crucial. We all hope that May will welcome us with warmer days. However, it is better to be ready for any weather conditions and prepare an outfit not only considering the predicted temperature, but also the intensity of our workout. It is usually recommended to follow the +10 degrees rule, so after checking the weather conditions, we should dress as if it was 10 degrees warmer It is a great rule for moderate intense workouts The harder the activity, the lighter outfit can be chosen. In the first moment after going outside we should even experience slight coolness, but do not worry, after 3-4 the body will be already warmed up. It is important to pick appropriate materials . Casual cotton clothing will quickly become moist, which will make it not only heavier but will also increase the possibility of skin irritation.

Modern sports collections of many well known brands like Adidas, Nike or Asics use special fibers that allow for keeping an optimal body temperature, dry quickly and are more sustainable since they are often produced of recycled materials. Before the start, do not experiment with food. Choose tested meals. It is completely normal if you do not feel like eating right before the run because of stress. You can try eating a bun with some jam or a banana.


Do not forget about a proper warm up. Good warmup is a good start, it allows us to prepare the locomotor and respiratory system for the activity that we will be able to perform the best we can. The intensity and duration of the warmup should also be adjusted to the planned tempo of the run. Do not begin to fast


It is another common mistake, made especially by the beginners. During a traditional run it is rather easy, because a runner starts along with a crowd. It is easy to become a so-called


“first 100 meters master”. Spread your strength over the whole distance e, you can run faster in the end. 🙂 . . .

For more: http://poradnikbiegacza.pl/

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