May 22, 2021

Hybrid company relay

Run and help with thousands of other companies!

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Participants will take part in the Bieg Firmowy 2021!

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In 3 easy steps ... about the Bieg Firmowy

Register your company team of 5 in a hybrid running relay. Registration is open until May 7. More about the formula and deadlines here

Take an active part in trainings and accompanying events. More about events here

On May 22, log in to the application, press START and run to help the little heroes! More about our proteges here

Who are we?

Who are we?

PLN 1,112,055 is the amount that was transferred to 39 children under the care of the Everest Foundation thanks to the activity of over 55,000 employees of companies from all over Poland during the 15th edition of the Bieg Firmowy.

Bieg Firmowy is something more than a relay race for company employees, in which each competitor has a distance of 5 km to cover. It’s an idea under which
A team of 5 from your company can make a real difference to the lives of little heroes. 

Are you wondering how to engage employers of your company? Watch the movie and join our running family now.

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How do we help?

We share a common goal. 

What remains unchanged in the Bieg Firmowy is the idea behind which they … our little heroes. We are united in a common goal, which is to provide help to sick and disabled children. This year we will help 8 proteges under the care of the Everest Foundation.

Meet them!

How do we help?

Bieg Firmowy is






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Common goal

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