Hybrid event: Bieg Firmowy. Case study.

May 22, 2021

Sounds like a clickbait. One year, 1000+ clients, 17 500+ participants, two nominations for a project of the year award. Hybrid event: Bieg Firmowy. Case study.

“Bieg Firmowy” is a sentence that brings smiles and positive vibes in heads of dozens thousands of employees from hundreds of companies from Poland- starting from big corporates like 3M, Credit Suisse, ZF, Kaufland, LG, IBM, Amazon, (…) through medium and small, local businesses. It is a sports celebration for companies s, organized since 2013 in May (in Wrocław) and June (in Warsaw). On Saturday from 10:00 until 16:00, 5-person teams take part in a charity relay race 5x5km.. Simultaneously, throughout the day, participants enjoy sports attractions prepared for employees s and spend time in specially prepared company zones,with access to relax, children and catering zones. stref relaksu, zabaw dla dzieci oraz cateringu. The whole event has a charity goal- the income from the run is donated for treatment and rehabilitation of proteges of the Everest Foundation.

Up until today, almost 150 000 active participants took part in the event, including 55 000 company runners from over 1550 enterprises Thanks to this, 1 112 000 PLN was successfully donated to the families of the proteges. .


After cancelling the mass events in Poland (10 March of 2020) the client found himself in front of a vision of cancelling the event and probably suspending its organisation in the future. e. In the moment of announcement of aforementioned decision, over 10 000 participants from more than 600 companies were already registered, 12. 12 families who are beneficients of the Everest Foundation were awaiting the grand finale and resources that could support their fight for childrens’ health and lives. Following questions have arisen:

  1. Should the event with 10 000+ participants from 600+ companies be postponed?
  2. Should the event be cancelled, and probably never organised again?
  3. How to explain it to 12 families, to whom we have promised the donation of the income from the event that is supposed to help the treatment and rehabilitation of their children?


We organised a mass event online with the help of especially adjusted Activy App. We made it possible for participants to enjoy the experience similar to what they got used, to during the on site event, to during the on site event, meaning the physical activity, integration of company teams, healthy rivalisation between the companies and a common effort for a noble cause, turned out to be a great hit.

In August almost 8 000 participants received starter packs to their homes or company headquarters. Starter packs included high quality technical T-shirts (to choose from 2 models, 6 sizes and 2 cuts (F and M), commemorative meda and an unboxing experience element.. T-shirts with the employer’s logo, ordered by 333 companies,

Before the event, we organised a series of events and webinars with an organizer with a Q&A session to get participants familiar with a new formula- the run with a mobile app. Together with Pyszne.pl we launched a service of vouchers for meals of the employees. The owner of the voucher, after finishing the run, could quickly, in a safe way order a regenerational meal with the use of an app or allow themselves to enjoy a “cheat meal”.

The runners beat 5 km in many various forms – – from the run through city environment, or jogging in a park, through forest and country routes, up to mountain running or walkon a beach. .

The participants could choose the formula f a relay race- they passed a virtual stick ie 1) ) by calling each other from various locations, 2) by live streaming , 3)by using a group on facebook/whatsapp 4)by running completely independently, or 5) by meeting in chosen locations and setting their own, chosen route of 5 km, and at the same time organising an actual relay race of 5 x 5 km for themselves.

The holidays made the variety of locations clearly visible (20% of participants were on a vacation on August 29th). Despite runs completed in large city locations in Poland we recorded activity in places like Los Angeles, London, Dublin, Moscow, Athens or in holiday villages in Egypt, Bulgaria or Crete. . 🙂

The mobile app allowed for tracking the route of 5 km and time of the run . . The participants could check who of their teams have finished the challenge already and with what result. They could change the leaderboards both in individual categories (divided into genders) andteams (female, male and mixed teams).


7 800 participants took art in the event. 552 companies were represented by 1 560 teams.

We donated 252 875 PLN for treatment and rehabilitation of children 1 112 055 PLN.

With a few thousands of participants, a sample of, próbie 572 answers in a post-event questionnaire and osiagneliśmy wynik NPS=16,4%, a common opinion that online and hybrid events are “unreal, deprived of emotions and lack an experience element” we reached a score NPS=16,4%, meaning “good level”. .

Na pytanie w ankiecie post-event „Jeżeli sytuacja epidemiologiczna na świecie nie ulegnie zmianie, czy weźmiesz udział w podobnej formule?”, 85% uczestników odpowiedziało „Tak”.

Do edycji 2021 zgłosiło się już ponad 10 000 uczestników z blisko 520 firm. W momencie pisania artykułu trwają jeszcze zapisy, a mimo to wynik frekwencji został poprawiony o niemal 2000 nowych uczestników.

W kwietniu 2021 roku jury MP Power Awards, najbardziej prestiżowego plebiscytu w branży eventowej, nominowało wydarzenie do Projektu Roku 2020 w dwóch kategoriach – event sportowy oraz event CSR. Rozstrzygnięcie konkursu nastapi 19 maja 2021 roku.

Aftermovie Bieg Firmowy: Remote Edition 2020:

Autor: Kamil Janik

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