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Pandemics has changed our ways of living and working, but it for sure has not changed the hearts and engagement of our employees. This is why we decided to participate in Bieg Firmowy in this year’s edition too. Since May 2020 we are a new Division of global ZF concern, so we invited our colleagues from all around Poland to participate- together we will support the proteges of Bieg Firmowy no matter the location. By taking this opportunity, we will contribute to promoting a healthy and active lifestyle, so important in present times.

- Paweł Pałubiński,
General Director of ZF CV Systems Poland Sp. z o.o. .

Bieg Firmowy is another amazing initiative that we proudly participate in. Constantly supporting charity projects, especially ones that promote a healthy way of living is one of the pillars of our activity here, in ADECON.
Our employees have engaged in bringing help for those in need for many years already.
It brings even more pleasure when a team takes a chance at Bieg Firmowy knowing that on one hand,
it is taking care of their physical condition and promoting a healthy lifestyle, and on the other- possibility to help proteges of Everest Foundation.
We are happy that this year’s edition was suited to the current situation and
ensures the safety of all of us.

- Joanna Dolny,
PR&Marketing Manager

Combine employee integration with physical activity and a charity goal! By observing hundreds of challenges,
we know that gamification is the biggest motivation to beat kilometers. Participants join smaller teams, compete with others, fight for prizes- and at the same time work on creating a healthy habit. The additional charity goal and observing its progress makes even those who had the biggest doubts join the event. Everyone has a chance to win. We value engagement and regularity. You do not have to be a sportsman to see yourself high on the leaderboard. So, when are we starting?

- Activy team

Nobody needs to be convinced about the efficiency of physical activity anymore. But when was the last time you took care of your mind? It gets harder and harder to focus in this distracting world. Regular meditation and mindfulness trainings via Mindy App will make it easier for you. Polish sessions prepared by certified trainees, music composed especially for Mindy, goodnight audiobooks and many more will support Your mental health. It’s easy- sit down, turn a chosen meditation on, close your eyes and be with your thoughts.
We do not sit in a lotus flower, we do not levitate- we base on scientific researches about the brain!

- Mindy team

We have run for a great cause since the first edition of Bieg Firmowy,
and for the third time we are a technological partner of the initiative. Sports activity and helping others are both very important for us, so we gathered a lot of participants to represent Deviniti this year. The run will be joined by people who are active on everyday basis-marathon runners, hiking lovers and winter swimming amateurs, but not only!
Also by the employees who because of this occasion will stand up from their office desks.
. Motivation and the need to bring help will lead us straight to the finish line! We cannot wait for it, can you? Ready ?! Start!

Bieg Firmowy is an initiative that combines the most important values for us - integration through physical activity, which is an integral part of the life of our team, and the possibility of supporting the Everest Foundation's charges. Adapting the formula of the Bieg Firmowy to the conditions related to the pandemic shows that nothing is impossible for the organizers. We are glad that once again we can be a part of this unique event, supporting it in its organization, and actively participating in the Run itself.

- Łukasz Łyszczarek, Partner

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