Start making changes by signing up for Bieg Firmowy!

February 18, 2021

Are you worried about your physical condition? You cannot wait until spring comes?
Start making changes by signing up for Bieg Firmowy!

Did you know that during the spring lockdown, the level of physical activity among the society has drastically dropped? The main reason was of course closing the sports facilities all around the country. For now, 63% of Poles undertake sports activity at least once a month.* The results are even more worrying, because doing sports outside has a positive impact on your mood and work performance. Are you looking for someone to help you in changing something about your life?

We report full readiness!

All the time you let us know, that most of you still work remotely and your flats became not only a rest, but also a working space. We also know, that you start to experience home office side effects, here are some of them:

  • missing contact with close ones from work,
  • your performance is dropping, but the amount of work is not,
  • mixing private and professional space,
  • – increased sleepiness, even working from bed.

Worry not, we can fix that.

Bieg Firmowy is being organised for the employees from all around Poland already for the 16th time. But we organize the Relay race for health for the first time ever! What does it mean for you?

Let’s start from the beginning.

  1. You accept the challenge and register your 5-person team on
  2. You choose the starter pack that fits the needs of your team. More information about the packages here:
  3. You sign up to our Facebook group: “FIRMA W FORMIE | Bieg Firmowy”
  4. You actively participate in the health challenge. We have prepared meetings with experts, which you will be able to use during our workouts and online meetings. You can read more about the Relay Race for Health here:
  5. You benefit from fresh air, because it is the best way to spend your free time after work. Sports shoes, favorite track and headphones with some good musicthat’s all you need!
  6. Prepared, filled with motivation and hungry for challenges- you take part in a nationwide company relay race on May 22nd!
  7. In the end you help both yourselves and little heroes from the Everest Foundation, because the revenue from the event will be donated for their rehabilitation and treatment.

Your professional space might regain the balance Healthy habits related to regular physical activity will significantly improve your performance, reduce stress or boost your mood. Sounds lovely, doesn’t it? Do not hesitate and join the society of company runners right now.


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