What is a “relay race for health”?

February 1, 2021

Bieg Firmowy: Relay race for health is an enhanced formula of Bieg Firmowy that answers the issues of today, related with restrictions and a ban on organizing mass events. The day of Bieg Firmowy (May 22nd) is preceded by the Relay race for health, which is a few week long series of meetings, events and workouts with specialists from a wide field of physical activity and mental health. You can read more about this year’s formula here.


The idea behind the project: help, team building and physical activity of employees.

Primarily the idea and the values of the project remain the same:

  1. help; charity goal,
  2. integration; team building,
  3. physical activity; sport.

The project was built around these components since its beginning and it remains the same despite the obstacles, complications and restrictions. The main goal was, is and will be to help proteges of Everest Foundation.

5 km distance

No changes will be made when it comes to the distance of 5 km, which is achievable for each level of advancement (we should remember that in the society of employee runners we have both systematically running passionates and participants who take part in a running event for the first time in their lives).

The relay race formula

For many years already 5-person teams have participated in Bieg Firmowy. This time it will not differ from the past. The formula of relay race allows mutual motivation, team building and creation of a positive atmosphere in the company’s team.

Numerous teams from numerous companies

Companies can register more than one team for Bieg Firmowy. In last editions of the event more than 55 000 runners participated, which is more than 10 000 5-person teams from more than 1 550 companies. This year we will invite more than 3 000 companies to join us and on the starting lane we expect 10 000 employees representing more than 700 firms.


New, engaging part of the event- Relay race for health

The most essential change is a whole idea of Relay race for health. We organize the nationwide Relay race for Health for employees which will let them get back in shape- physical and psychological. The relay race is split in the periods of February- March- April-May.


Already since the 8th of February the registration for company teams will be open. The registration will last until the 7th of May, but it is worth remembering that the registration for specific Starter Packs ends on different dates. Soon we will publish more information about the starter packs and applicable time limits.


In March employees take part in meetings that cover the fields of: healthy activity, diet, concentration and sleep. The meetings will be held online in the form of webinars, interactive workshops or individual consultations. Meetings are hosted by qualified trainers and experts. During the meetings we allow for interaction with the host through chat or audio. We organize at least one event per week. In case of absence of the participant, the need of repetition of the materials or willingness to systematise the knowledge- no worries. We will prepare materials in the form of recordings for the disposal of participants until the end of June 2021. (you can read it between the lines as an informal deadline for going back in shape 🙂 ).


In April we turn the knowledge into practice! We organise workouts with professional trainers in online and hybrid form. We will conduct live streaming from the workouts, allowing for interaction with the host. One can participate in the online workout from any location, e.g home, exercise hall, outside or the office. What is the difference between the “hybrid” and the “online” formula? In April, depending on occuring restrictions, we will organize outdoor workouts in various locations. A certain amount of participants will be allowed to join the workout, according to the regulations (e.g 10-, 20-, 30-,… participants). Live streaming will be held anyways, to allow participation for all of the employees that take part in this series. It is something like this year’s New Year’s Eve- part of the audience is engaged in the “live” event, the other- remotely. The difference is, we plan to organise it better 😉

Despite the healthy knowledge and workouts in practice, we have also prepared company challenges for employees. If you cannot, do not feel like it, or quite the opposite- want more, we have prepared special challenges for you! The count of kilometers beaten in the run, distance covered with a bike, mindfulness training- that is a little spoiler on this subject. We will inform you about the details in the future articles.


Crème de la crème of the whole Relay Race for health is a hybrid Bieg Firmowy, which will take place on May 22nd. Companies from all around Poland (but also departments located worldwide) will participate in companies relay race. Thanks to the mobile app (discussed in the paragraph below) 5-person company teams will participate in the event in a form that is completely safe and independent from the pandemic (see how it looked like in 2020:video).

Improvements in the mobile app

According to results of the post-event form that was filled by participants of Bieg Firmowy: Remote Edition, we focused on continuation and improving aspects that were respectively: appreciated or needed improvement. Within the area of mobile app, high scores were achieved by e.g simplicity of use, possibility of participation in a team challenge or legibly displayed classifications. Participants also scored the weaker aspects of the solutions that we especially focused on. classifications. Participants also scored the weaker aspects of the solutions that we especially focused on. Most commonly appeared issues were 1) lack of saved route after pressing pause by the user and 2) problems with GPS/time and route tracking. Re. 1) The paused activity will be scored and marked in a special way in order to analyze them and judge if they affected the final result. Thanks to this solution we will avoid the lack of missing routes and the controversial cases will be ready to be analysed and solved. Re. 2) problems with GPS/ time tracking are problems generated by the device (smartphone) and its settings. This year we will pay special attention to educating, communication and solving the problems of your devices. In a shortcut: different default settings on Iphone, different on Samsung, another ones on Huawei or Xiaomi. If you cover the same distance with another device it is likely that it will show various results. We will work on it, to avoid such situations in this year’s edition. More about the app itself will be written in the future articles.

Team captain role

Taking care of more than 10 000 participants from more than 700 companies is not an easy challenge. Not all of the messages can reach the participant and even if they do, they are often not read. We live in the era of the information overload and this is a very present and natural issue. As an attempt to solve it, we “bring back to life” the role of team captain. In this edition, each team will select their leader, responsible for the communication. We will create a special communication channel with team leaders to answer the questions faster and more precisely and to solve any problems. Leaders, we look forward to working together! 😉

Organisation and communication with participants

The previous edition can fairly be described as a specific rollercoaster. The event, that in normal circumstances takes 9 months to be organised, in the previous edition we had to organise in 3. In the effect many organisational chances were not used and the communication- especially the email and especially in the final period- was strengthened. On this year’s formula we work since October, thanks to which we can perform work on the project and the communication in normal circumstances.

Starter Packs

In the new edition, to popular STANDARD and PREMIUM (with a dedicated T-shirt with a company logo) starter packs we add a BASIC starter pack. The BASIC pack allows you to access the Relay race for health and to participate in the run, but without the physical pack (T-shirt, medal, and other components of starter packs). It is dedicated for teams who prefer 100% sustainable solutions, participate in the event purely because of its charity goal, prefer low-budget solutions, but also for the late ones- BASIC pack will be available for the longest period of time, until 7th of May.

It is not the end, but only the beginning of the activity we have prepared for you in the upcoming season. Together we run for health- our own, our team’s, but also of those who are in the most need! If you have any questions, doubts, suggestions, propositions- do not hesitate and contact us via biuro@biegfirmow.pl or wspolpraca@biegfirmowy.pl.

Let’s create this unique edition together!

Kamil Janik
CEO of Compani
Event Director of Bieg Firmowy

Kamil is involved in Bieg Firmowy since 2015.
This year’s edition will be the 10th organised by his team. As a professional in the field of event management and sports passionate, he competently joins the elements of event organisation with the needs and emotions of participants. LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/kamil-janik/

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