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Our offer

Within the framework of cooperating with Bieg Firmowy we propose a wide range of marketing services, that realistically answer the needs presented to us by partners and sponsors in the beginning of working together. Our actions are adjusted after several meetings and conversations, to fulfill the expectations. Let’s talk about the possibilities!

By promoting with Bieg Firmowy:


You reach thousands of active employees of the companies.


You receive an adjusted pack of marketing services.


You help the proteges of Everest Foundation.

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What do our Partners say about us?

Ewa Jaxa-Jankowska

Corporate Social responsibility Specialist

Bieg Firmowy is an event hundreds of our employees wait for each year, so we are glad that for the twelth time we can be a Partner of it. For 3M a healthy way of living is a very important value and we strive to encourage physical activity by creating proper conditions for it. Our employees enjoy helping what we could have seen on more than one occasion. In this special “Remote” edition 350 employees from 3M will run to help 12 kids- proteges from Everest Foundation.

Roksana Aneta Obuchowska-Waslicka

Co-head Poland Communications

For the fifth time already we participate in Bieg Firmowy, and for the third time in a row we stand in the role of a Strategic Partner. It is one of the events in which our employees engage willingly, as they act in accordance with “support through sport” attitude. And even though this year’s edition is different from the previous ones, also this year we can count on the support of our employees who, with their phones in their hands, will run for ill children. We are glad that by promoting physical activity we can give real support for those in need.

Paweł Pałubiński

General Director of Div CVCS Poland

We have always promoted integration, healthy competition and physical activity among our employees. Despite this, Bieg Firmowy is also a great opportunity to strengthen our image as one of the biggest companies in the region. Helping is in our DNA and our employees willingly organise and participate in a variety of charity actions. Hence the decision to engage in this event and support disabled children. This year up to 27 teams from our company will participate!

Adam Radzki

Member of Board

For almost two decades we have supported Poles in living a healthy and active lifestyle and this is why- once again- we became a Strategic Partner of Bieg Firmowy. We are glad that through a common entertainment and sports activity, but also sports rivalry we can support proteges of Bieg Firmowy while supporting the sports activity of employees from all around Poland. We are also happy that despite the pandemics another edition of Bieg Firmowy will take place so that the participants, including a strong representation from our company, will do their best.